Finally! After years  of trying, we are proud to be able to present on the joint stage of the City of Women and Druga godba the most noble Romany singer from the Balkans of the last decade. "Romanies have music implanted in their soul. Despite that, most of us have to thank hard work for our success. Džansever is different. She belongs among those few chosen people who have a divine gift. Romanies have never had such a singer before." With such and similar words is Džansever described by her Romany colleagues, which is an extremely unusual phenomenon in the Romany music community. No wonder, though, since her magical singing has all those distinctive features that were once attributed to flying carpets. A gradual breakthrough from being cafe singer to the very top of the Macedonian Romany music scene in the mid 'Eighties, and then a dream­like assault on the Turkish music scene (dreamt of by all Romany musicians who are in touch with Turkish popular music) in the mid' Nineties, the first C.D. for the Turkish market... Also, Džansever as a personality has nothing in common with the usual Balkans’ cafe singer. She writes the words of most of her songs and has wide musical tastes (at one time she'll be listening to Umm Kalthum, at another, to Whitney Houston). The Macedonian music scene still suffers from a headache over her androgynous appearance, she’s res­olutely fighting a serious disease, she is also an extremely interesting person to talk to...



Line-up: vocal: Džansever, drums: Safet Demirov, clarinet: Suhadan Rušid, keyboards: Inan Nedžipović, guitar: Irfan Zahiri, darbouka: Seljadin Memet, bellydancers: Keziban Bajramova, Seneda Berikovska

Organised by: Druga godba in collaboration with City of Women, supported by: Open Society Institute Slovenia and Open Society Institute Macedonia, sponsored by: Avioimpex

Date and time of event: 
Oct 23rd 21:00
Place of event: 
Klub K4
Date and time of event: 
Oct 24th 20:00
Place of event: 
Grajska dvorana, Murska Sobota (Touring)