The Voice of the Sami

Mari Boine  

The Sami live in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, preserving their own language and culture, which are related to those of other Arctic peoples. One of the most prominent representatives and promoters of Sami culture is Mari Boine (°1956).The first music she was exposed to was the psalm singing of the pietistic Christian “Laestadian” movement. Their song tradition is comparable to that of Negro spirituals. But this is just one of her sources of inspiration. Although the “joik” (an improvised and highly personal Sami-style of singing) greatly influenced her, her music is not traditional. It is blended with contemporary music-forms such as jazz, rock and the sounds of other cultures. Mari Boine’s concerts are dominated by her strong and urgent voice, plus some carefully selected instruments from peoples from around the world. The combination of voice and drum goes back to ancient Sami culture and pre-Christian shamanism. Mari Boine: “I used to think men oppressing women or governments realised what they were doing and were just cynical. But then I realised that often they are unaware and are filled with fear. I feel I have to find my way to their hearts to let them know what they are doing. It’s the only way to change things. That’s why I feel my music is important. (...) I think your voice is a mirror of your soul and how you feel inside. (...) Western culture creates a distance between you and your body or heart. In Sami culture you think of everything as a whole”. Unquestionably the concert by Mari Boine will be one of the highlights of the City of Women-festival.

Accompanied by Roger Ludvigsen (guitar); Carlos Quispe (flute and charango); Hege Rimestad (violin); Gjermund Silset (bass guitar and percussion); Anders Engen (percussion)

The concert is organised by Druga godba
In coproduction with Mesto žensk/ City of Women


Date and time of event: 
Oct 21st 21:00
Place of event: 
Festivalna dvorana