Incandescent: A Survey of the Exhibition

Laura Cottingham  
20 min; USA, 1996
by Laura Cottingham, Sally Sasso and Leslie Singer.

In 1994, the eminent Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark), invited four foreign curators to produce sections for the large contemporary art exhibition “NowHere”. The exhibition opened on May 15th 1996 as part of the mega-festival Copenhagen European Cultural Capital 1996.
“Incandescent”, an all-woman exhibition of film, painting, performance, installation, sculpture and video drawn from artists in Europe, Japan and the United States, was the response by the feminist art critic Laura Cottingham to the Louisiana invitation. “Incandescent” featured new and recent works by some of the most prominent women artists working today. The video-tape presented here offers a visual walk through the gallery. It also includes interviews with Cottingham and some of the featured artists who were taped by Swedish Television during the installation of “Incandescent”.

Date and time of event: 
Oct 20th 15:00
Place of event: 
Cankarjev dom, E 8/9